Twilight Zone - 90cm Standard Rose (bare rooted)

Twilight Zone - 90cm Standard Rose (bare rooted)

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TWILIGHT ZONE is a magnificent modern shrub rose to delight those who love the darkest, smokey purple colour in roses.  Huge buds open to very double, old-fashioned style petal form which hold their colour exceedingly well in the hottest weather.

Dark, glossy foliage indicates exceptional disease-resistance on a lovely clump of continual bloom to 1.2 metres tall.  Needless to say with this dark purple colour, there is a magnificently strong, spicy clove and citrus fragrance to compliment this HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rose in all climates!


Potted roses supplied in 20cm (8”) pots throughout the year.

2022 Season Roses are available for pre-order now.

Gift wrapped, personalised card and packaged in custom designed box (No flowers in winter) - low postage

90cm Standard Rose