Rose Care Info

At Silkies Rose Farm, CLONBINANE we have found that we are able to consistently produce healthy roses just as nature intended … naturally!

Our success lies in ensuring the nutrition of our plants is in balance as well as being adequate, we work with nature using organic based products.

Why not try it our way? … 100% organically, naturally!!


Standard and Weeping Roses

It cannot be overstressed that to ensure the longevity of your standard roses, they must be securely staked - the bamboo stake which you buy with the rose is totally inadequate over the long term.

We use and recommend steel stakes! The stake should be 1.8 metres long which will allow between 20-30 cms of stake to protrude beyond the graft - very important when the head becomes established because it offers support, especially in high winds.

Staking standard and weeping roses should be done at the time of planting!!!! Don't make this very important task a 'gunna do' job because you cannot replace an established standard rose overnight.

Please heed this warning and factor the cost of the stakes into the total budget for your garden plans!

Besides, have you noticed how fabulous standard roses look in a garden where they've been beautifully staked? For a minor cost and effort, make your garden stand out and make people stop and take a second look … you'll love the results!



Let us help you design your rose garden.  With our help, you can be assured that you'll get great results .. you'll get the right height, colour, fragrance and style of garden you want! It's truly easy - all we need are some dimensions, aspect, your likes and dislikes; photos of your house are helpful too!

For those who don't live close, you can contact us or post us all your details and we can consult with you to ensure you get 100% what you want!!!



A flower filled garden can add up to approx. 30% more value to your property.