Rose Garden Design

We are more than happy to help you design your rose garden. From the formal to the non-formal rose gardens, we have so many wonderful roses to choose from.

Just bring in your garden plans, photos, ideas, roses you have in mind and we will get you sorted.


Some tips when designing with roses:

  • What do you love about roses and why do you want them in the garden? Do you want roses to pick to bring inside? Is it the fragrance that you want? Do you want to cover something? Roses have so many uses so write down exactly what you want and how you see the end result.
  • Create beautiful spaces. Plant next to a seat so that you can enjoy the fragrance. Keep them close to paths for easy picking. Arches and Pergolas with roses adorned can look so pretty and don’t dismiss roses as a hedge; they are superb for this purpose.


  • Remember – for roses to thrive they need at least 6 hours of sun.
  • Good drainage is important.This can be done by adding lots of good compost to the soil or raising the beds.Roses don’t like wet feet.
  • Plant in odd numbers – more pleasing to the eye. Three roses together will look like one big bush.
  • Mass planting can look striking as can a mixture of bold colours.
  • Take into consideration the growth habits of each rose and the likeness of each if you are planting close together – this is where we can help.
  • Don’t rule out roses in pots if you have limited space - self watering pots are fantastic and you’ll have an abundance of roses to pick close by or just to enjoy the fragrance and colourful display on a patio or balcony.
  • Make life easy and install a good drip watering system – the roses will love you for it.  Mulch well also.

If it’s planned well, you’ll really enjoy the benefits of having roses in your garden.