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Hello Diana,

Just to let you know that my cousin received her Double Delight rose, she said it is absolutely beautiful and she could smell the perfume before she opened the packaging.

Again thank you for your great service and speedy delivery.

Have a lovely day and enjoy the sunshine.



I have just received my rose, and it is in super condition. 

I would like thank you for such speedie delivery and great packaging... hope to buy from you again.

Again thank you.


The roses arrived this morning and with buds on them ready to flower, we are so happy with them. 


 Dear Silkies Rose Farm,

Our two roses have arrived this morning in utterly perfect condition. They look happy and so healthy, and I'm delighted to have found them during this season without having to wait until bare root stock becomes available. Thank you so much!

I've been looking for these roses for years- the Crepuscule rose I've meant to buy for ages, but Diggers Club was always so expensive that I never got around to it, and hadn't seen it anywhere else. And the Rugosa rose I think is the one grown in the grounds of Kryal castle right by their lolly shop, and the blooms smell identical to the Turkish delight they sell there (the very loveliest). I was going to ask them for a cutting, but felt it might be too cheeky. Very excited to have so easily procured my own.

Again, thank you so much for your wonderful service and incredibly rapid postage. And of course, such beautiful roses!

Warmest regards,

Julieann & family.

Hi Diana,

I visited your beautiful Nursery with our daughter Louise, the stealer of your cuttings, last Friday.

We are back in Sydney now and I wondered if you could tell me how tall the weeping roses are. Would I need a ladder to get up to them, they looked very high in the pots. THE Crepuscule rose of my neighbour was only about my height. If it’s not too high our plan is for Louise to bring it up to Gundagai one day to deliver it, so could you please put my name on one.

I so enjoyed our half hour wandering around your beautiful rose farm. I came away with such a euphoric feeling, a bit like visiting something wonderful overseas. I can’t really explain the happy feeling it left, your roses are obviously so loved and cared for, they are really very beautiful and you all seemed so happy doing what you do. A happy place to be.

We arrived home yesterday and today, the sun was shining (!!) and I spent 4 hours out in the garden clearing the rose garden and making room for my 2 new beautiful roses. They are sleeping in their new bed tonight.

Thankyou for providing such a place of joy to visit.

Kind regards,
Toni Barnes


Thank you for the roses which I received yesterday. They were in very good condition and they are the best bare-rooted roses I have ordered this year. I think I will be doing most of my rose shopping from Silkies in the future. 

Also, your service was 'lightning fast' and very much appreciated because I thought the roses would be travelling for days and I was worried about them. However, no need to worry.  

Great work, Silkies Rose Farm. 

All the very best,


Thank you Diana ,

I have bought some roses from you in the past and have always been very pleased and impressed with them .

I admire your business standards and will certainly buy from you again if I need roses.

Many thanks

Hello Diana,

Just wanted to say I received my roses yesterday and am thrilled with them. The condition is amazing and I am truly grateful for the care in which they were packed and the growing notes etc included. Will definitely recommend your services to my clients. Thank you.


Thank you for all your support and the beautiful roses you send.

The ones I have ordered before the recipients of them just rave how beautiful they are.

You provide a wonderful service.


Ordered 3 times through Silkies within 2 months and have had exactly the same excellent quality of roses and extremely fast delivery.

Used 2 other rose companies to buy bareroot from and Silkies is by far the best.


Hi Diana and Graham, for a number of years I have bought roses from you. Every experience has been amazing. Beautiful healthy plants, great service always puts a smile in my dial. My last two experiences are no different, plants happy, and healthy, packed so brilliantly.

A special thank you from me for all you wonderful care and as the last two were special gifts.. Once again so happy. 

Keep smiling,

Hi My 3 rose plants arrived yesterday. The packaging was very secure, quite fantastic really, and even has windows for a bit of light and oxygen. They were still moist and look healthy.

I’m letting them get used to being in the light again for a few days (after a drink) before planting them. You are cheaper than suburban nurseries and have the stock ready to go, even with roses that are not mainstream. Big tick to you! I am delighted. Thank you.

Best regards,
Judith Gundry

 “My last order of roses took much longer to arrive than before.  I was really worried as they had been posted on a Thursday, but did not arrive until the following Monday week; 12 days later, (no doubt dear Covid has struck again).  When I opened the box, I found the roses had been packed so well you would think they had just been sent the day before.  They were moist with very healthy new growth/shoots.  Well done Silkie Gardens Rose Farm, you do an incredible job of packing and sending your roses.  It is plain to see that you care a great deal about your roses, clients, and your business reputation.”

Hi Good Folks of Silkies Rose Farm!

A note of thanks to say we received our order, superbly packed and safely delivered yesterday, Monday! Thanks very much for your excellent, efficient service and great products and packaging. We would like to order three (3) more Dublin Bay Climbing Roses for our Pergola, if you could please put them aside for us and pack them up.

Our order and payment will be made online later today. Thanks also for your catalogue of beautiful roses. We may add a few more to this order! WE will be happy to send you some photos of your roses when they have climbed up a bit.

Many thanks again, kindest regards, and best wishes for every success – post Covid-19!

Roger and Julia

I received my 12 bare-rooted roses scarcely 8 weeks ago wonderfully packed and beginning to produce shoots. After 24 hours in a bucket of seaweed mix, they were planted into pots.

Following the recommended feeding regimen, all my roses have wonderfully healthy foliage and are smothered in buds. My “Casanova” has just bloomed.

It just goes to show you that top quality stock, and following Silkies Eco care regimen, produce huge results!

Di Jobson, South-east Queensland

Hi Silkies,

SO Very Happy. my Nahema roses arrived today... so quickly.. amazing.. & so well packaged..!!

and SO HEALTHY looking...

I do hope I can do them justice, as I am not the best gardener in the world..

Many thanks & Cheers,

Margaret .... Mornington Vic. 

Really appreciate you and your team’s service to bring the such stunning roses to my garden this year.

I do love and want Strawberry Hill and very appreciate. Many thanks … Helen 

Thank you. The rose has been delivered. We are delighted with the condition and compliment you for your excellence.

Mary and John Campbell

My last order of roses took much longer to arrive than before.  I was really worried as they had been posted on a Thursday, but did not arrive until the following Monday week; 12 days later, (no doubt dear Covid has struck again).  When I opened the box, I found the roses had been packed so well you would think they had just been sent the day before.  They were moist with very healthy new growth/shoots.  Well done Silkie Gardens Rose Farm, you do an incredible job of packing and sending your roses.  It is plain to see that you care a great deal about your roses, clients, and your business reputation.

Hi Silkies

I have to say a big thank you after having received my rose order today, it arrived In great condition and will be flowering in no time. I have moved from Euroa to Queensland but I had no hesitation ordering from you as I have purchased from you before and know that your product is first class.

Once again thank you - Regards - Glenda S

I just love your newsletter. I haven’t bought anything from you in a while but I love reading your newsletters. They are fun and uplifting and an inspiration to me for the RFS (Rural Fire Service) community engagement newsletters I write. 

Loo T

Hi, I received my order from you 8 Bare rooted roses - just a quick note to say thank you- I’ve been planting and buying roses from another supplier with mixed results however the roses you sent me are very healthy and in the ground are shooting already.  I will definitely buy from you again  just a quick thank you 

Peter B

Thank you Diana, our potted Firestar and Perfume Passion roses arrived today in perfect condition via Aust. Post – much appreciate the prompt service and the quality of your roses.



Thank you Diana. 

Your roses are very special 

Thanks for this update. You’re doing a great job bringing joy to the masses. Cheers - Anita

Hi Diana,

I received my german made secateurs, thankyou.    Tried them out today and they are beyond fantastic.  To think of all the money I have wasted on inferior secateurs over many years.  The only ones I have ever liked prior were some from Aldi a few years ago but they have never had the same ones since.

Loooove my new ones thankyou..., and being such a bright colour means they have less chance of being composted.  Regards, Christine

Dear Silkies Rose Farm,

I would like to thank you ever so much for your prompt attention to my order of roses.

They are perfect; just what I wanted.

I would like to make a special thanks to the very kind person who delivered the roses to my door! I had expected that I would pick them up from your farm but you have gone above and beyond and delivered them to my door even though I had not paid for delivery!!

Thanks Heaps,  Maureen B

Dear Diana and Graham,

What an efficient pair you are!!! Last Monday I ordered 2 Mutabilis roses from you and to my surprise they arrived in excellent order today, being Thursday. I appreciate the effort you go to, to satisfy your customers. They are now soaking in some seaweed solution ready for planting. Well done, and thank you.  Lyn.

Thank you - My roses arrived in superb condition

You have inspired me to get back to looking after my roses after your talk in Corowa a few weeks ago .

My rose garden will be also thanking you now l am back to focusing on feeding them looking forward to lovely roses again.

Hi Diana and Gra,

Thank you for your very prompt response and delivery of my rose order that I received yesterday. The quality of the roses is to be commended, they look as though they are ready to jump out of their skin. Looking forward to their beautiful blooms. One very happy customer!

I have bought from you in the past by phone order as well as your book, All about Roses, Diana.

Thanking you once again,

Kind Regards, Dorothy

Hi Diana

I just wanted to say thank you. Our roses arrived last week in excellent condition. I couldn’t believe how cleverly and carefully they had been packed! After soaking in seaweed overnight we planted in our new sunny rose garden and they all seem to be doing very well. 

I also wanted to say that I really enjoy reading your weekly emails. Best of luck digging out the remaining roses in this wet weather. 

Best,  Mae

To the dedicated Rose Team,

Congratulations Di and Gra (and Mooi) on assembling such a delightful “working bee”. I am sure you all work hard but happily - and I feel that transmits to the roses. We know that our roses come from a happy home and will settle happily into our gardens. (I am an environmental psychologist.) 

Thank you,  Nadia x

Dear Graham & Diana,

Just a little note to let you know that I received your beautiful roses today, all meticulously packaged for their journey across Melbourne, and arrived in perfect condition.

They are now all put to "bed", (the garden bed that is) while they slumber for a couple  more months, and I really look forward to their emerging beauty & fragrance in spring.

Thank you both so much!!!

Kind regards Georgia  

Hi Diana,

I have had such a wonderful day as my parcel arrived safely this morning. Thank you for sending such healthy roses, they are in the ground ready for the rain tonight! The parcels you send are way more fun than Christmas

Julie G

Morning Diana,

The roses just arrived, thank you.  What lovely, strong and healthy plants they are too.... I even received a complimentary strong healthy earthworm in the bit of soil. 

Beautiful, thanks so much.  Helen the happy. 

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