Rose Management Program

More than 35 years ago after Graham stripped his clothes off prior to jumping in the shower to wash all the chemicals from his body after spraying our potted roses he said: “I’m not doing that again – if we cannot grow roses without spraying those chemicals, we won’t grow roses”.

True to his word, Graham organised a company to come and remove all the lethal chemicals from our premises (a costly event I remember!) and he called an Agronomist to assist him in his pursuit to find the right products to manage potted roses using environmentally friendly products.

We’ve grown healthy roses using totally Australian Made, organic products to manage our potted roses. In our gardens we also use biodynamic methods and we are a REGISTERED SUSTAINABLE GARDEN CENTRE.

The organic rose management program is very simple, environmentally safe for you and your family as well as being economical and totally effective:

To 10 litres of water add:

  • 5g ECO-SEAWEED (1/2 of the small scoop provided) or other seaweed product you prefer!
  • ¼ cup ECO-ROSE (ECO-FUNGICIDE same product different labels)
  • ¼ cup ECO-OIL (INSECTICIDE – also very effective DISPERSANT)
  • 20ml ECO-NEEM (when extreme insect control is necessary)
  • 50ml ECO-AMINOGRO (fish-based liquid fertilizer and soil food)

Mix all the ingredients together well by having two or three buckets on hand to slosh the products backwards and forwards between the buckets so you know the powders are dissolved. Add them to the spray unit or watering can for further dilution if necessary

I recommend using just three products in each spray cycle – for example, if insect levels are high, use ECO-OIL, ECO-NEEM and ECO-SEAWEED. If you think your roses require a boost of foliage fertilizer, use ECO-SEAWEED, ECO-AMINOGRO and ECO-OIL.


  • For fungus control, use ECO-ROSE (FUNGICIDE), ECO-SEAWEED and ECO-OIL.
  • ECO-OIL is used in all spray applications but the quantity can be reduced by half during sunny weather!
  • Spray this solution over foliage to run-off no less than once a month or more frequently at critical periods of the season or if pests and disease are evident.
  • Try to avoid spraying the rose blooms because the products will mark them; a small price to pay for healthy foliage which in turn means more flowers!

WiseGardening developed by SGA.

WiseGardening is a new mobile-friendly gardening tool, developed by SGA. It shows the risks of garden chemicals to humans, birds, bees, frogs and other species. When you use these chemical products to control pests, diseases and weeds, it will help you choose wisely.