Our story

It's a real Love Story......

Spanning the past 35 years ... overwhelmingly, a love for the world's favourite flower - the rose!

It's about a passionate desire to assist in creating beautiful spaces for the lovely people who share our love of the rose.

It's a story about family ...   we have enjoyed the pleasure of working at different times with each of our four beautiful children and each other; members of our extended family have worked with us over the years - sometimes challenging but always immensely rewarding.

It's a story about the environment ...   the reality that using an extremely effective and economic organic management program ensures that whilst growing lovely roses you too are taking measures to enjoy working with Mother Nature, caring about our environment and relishing the rewards!

It's a story about you ...   you want to grow a rose and know that you're buying the best rose from a highly reputable grower who cares about you! Silkies Rose Farm is renowned for being THE destination where you will be treated to a wealth of knowledge about all things ROSES.  You will leave the Rose Farm feeling refreshed and more able to cope with the stresses of daily living after having walked through the gardens, played with our delightful poodle, MOOI, and taken some beautiful roses home to plant in your garden.

449-diane-graham.jpg A LITTLE BIT OF HISTORY ... Our business was established in Kilmore at the cottage which today houses the 'Rose Cafe' - that was our home for 15 years and we moved into the house at the north side of the 'Rose Cafe' but only stayed there for a couple of years before moving to our current premises at CLONBINANE, back in 2000.  

We continued to operate the Silkie Gardens Rose Nursery and Cafe at Kilmore for another 13 years while establishing our gardens at CLONBINANE - ideally located within 500 metres of the HUME FREEWAY with exits/entrances from the north and south.  

Our property here at CLONBINANE was devastated in the Black Saturday fires in 2009 but Graham and our son Benjamin bravely saved our home and the gardens immediately around the house ... we have been reconstructing the gardens since then and in June, 2012 we sold the 'Rose Cafe' and relocated Silkie Gardens Rose Nursery here to CLONBINANE  and renamed ourselves - SILKIES ROSE FARM / ROSESALESONLINE - a great advancement of our business!

We are now highly successful and recognised for posting the most beautiful roses year-round ... yes, we post them in their pots so you can enjoy planting your rose garden during all seasons when traditionally, roses were only planted in winter when they are available as bare-rooted plants.  Our Gift Rose product is very popular - send your loving thoughts along with a potted rose all year!

A visit to Silkies Rose Farm, Clonbinane is definitely a MUST after all the challenging times we've all experienced during Covid-19 ... come and wander in the gardens, purchase a few flowering bush roses for your garden and be confident you'll easily grow beautiful roses in your garden when you follow our Organic Rose Management Program.  

We'll welcome you soon ... Diana, Graham & the Team