Shooting Star - Modern Shrub

Shooting Star - Modern Shrub

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SHOOTING STAR – Modern Shrub Rose which produces masses of rather old-fashioned style blooms.

Raised by Tantau, Germany, this extremely disease-resistant rose has many qualities which make it ideal for planting in a variety of rose garden situations and especially ideal as a potted specimen.

Shooting Star produces and abundance of very pleasing, warm yellow blooms which fade to yellow apricot after taking what seems like forever to open! When open, each large flower is filled with a swirling mass of sweetly fragrant petals.

The very compact bush to 75 cms tall is robust with extremely healthy, glossy dark green foliage and would be highly recommended for planting as a border of the rose garden.

  • Extremely disease resistant foliage
  • Large flowers which slowly open
  • Swirling mass of warm yellow petals
  • Ideal for rose garden border


Potted roses supplied in 20cm (8”) pots throughout the year.

2024 Season Roses will be available for pre-order soon.

Gift wrapped, personalised card and packaged in custom designed box (No flowers in winter) - low postage

Modern Shrub