Scentimental - Modern Shrub

Scentimental - Modern Shrub

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SCENTIMENTAL – Modern Floribunda/Shrub Rose and no, this is not a spelling error! The rose name is so spelt because it has an amazing fragrance

Raised by Tom Carruth, USA, 1999 produces masses of medium sized pointed buds mostly in clusters, and opening with a riot of stripes of burgundy-red and creamy white where no two flowers are exactly the same.

Scentimental has an intense spicy Damask rose fragrance and to make a real statement with this rose in the garden, it should always be planted in a group – nobody would ever walk past and keep their mouth closed … this is a real oooh, aaah rose!

The bush is very shrubby with large dark green, plentiful and healthy foliage which is rather serrated and very leathery. It is a very rounded shrub and flowers constantly throughout the flowering season.

  • Highly recommended novelty rose
  • Intensely spice and Damask rose fragrance
  • Lovely rounded bushy shrub
  • Constantly in flower


Potted roses supplied in 20cm (8”) pots throughout the year.

2022 Season Roses will be available for pre-order in December

Gift wrapped, personalised card and packaged in custom designed box (No flowers in winter) - low postage

Modern Shrub