Sally Holmes - Modern Shrub

Sally Holmes - Modern Shrub

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SALLY HOLMES – Modern Shrub Rose classed Hybrid Tea deservedly the most recent addition to the World Rose Hall of Fame in 2012.

This extremely popular modern shrub rose produces the most magnificent bracts of 5-petalled creamy-white blooms with a blush at the edge of each petal in the extremely cold weather and a splash of golden yellow stamens.

 Sally Holmes has the most beautiful healthy foliage – large glossy, deep green leaves and the bush is very branching to 1.5 mtrs wide and even taller to 2 mtrs. Every branch will produce up to 50 blooms which are extremely resilient in all weather conditions and look outstanding in a tall vase. The bush should never be pruned as a normal Hybrid Tea rose but rather mechanically trimmed to a neat shrub always carrying about 1 mtr of branching growth.

Plant this grand rose as a single specimen or as a rose hedge-row – it is always a magnificent sight!

  • Excellent modern shrub rose
  • Creamy white single blooms with golden stamens
  • Tall branching shrub flowering constantly
  • Extremely healthy versatile modern shrub rose


Potted roses supplied in 20cm (8”) pots throughout the year.

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Modern Shrub