Papi Delbard - Delbard Climbing Rose

Papi Delbard - Delbard Climbing Rose

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PAPI DELBARD – Climbing Rose named in honour of the patriarch of the Delbard dynasty – George Delbard.

Raised by Delbard, France and released in 1995 when George Delbard turned 90 years of age this grand, vigorous climber produces masses of large flat blooms with an immense number of petals. The flower colour varies throughout the season with deep pink centre petals leading out to warm apricot and fading to creamy yellow.

This awesomely magnificent rose is planted immediately outside my back door ... only the best roses to greet us at the top of the ramp - a spectacularly pretty rose!

Papi Delbard is a very strong and vigorous climbing rose with canes which carry lots of thorns and lots of lush, healthy foliage. The flowers are carried mostly in singles at the end of the branches.

There is a generous hint of fruity fragrance and the blooms are best admired on the bush since the petals fall quickly.

  • Rose named for the patriarch of the French rose growing dynasty
  • Vigorous climbing rose
  • Masses of large, flat blooms pink/apricot/cream
  • Light fruity fragrance


Potted roses supplied in 20cm (8”) pots throughout the year.

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