Grimaldi - Delbard - Modern Shrub

Grimaldi - Delbard - Modern Shrub

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Grimaldi is a Delbard, Modern Shrub Rose of immense beauty - such an easy-care, free-flowering rose which will take your breath away when it covers itself in masses of almost single-petalled blooms of salmon pink with slashes of pale pink and cream ... a truly stunning spectacle on a massively healthy, robust rose which grows to 1.5 x 1.5 - awesome!

A very highly recommended rose where low maintenance, high performance of continual bloom is the specification!

One of my most favourite roses ... Diana

Potted roses supplied in 20cm (8”) pots throughout the year.

Available to order from Autumn, posted from June – September only

Gift wrapped, personalised card and packaged in custom designed box (No flowers in winter) - INCLUDES POSTAGE

Modern Shrub