Published by Rose Sales Online on 5th Mar 2020

Hello Dear Rose Friends as we enjoy the transformation which occurs after a massive rain event … lush green grass, an abundance of beautiful roses and our rows of crepe myrtle are flowering too!

Q. What do frogs wear on their feet? A. Open toad sandals.

Since the rain, toads croaking in the night have woken us up but we’re happy that we share our space with these wonderful creatures! Sure enough, there’ll be lots of tadpoles before the swale dries up again by the end of February…

Frog Spawn

This photo of frog spawn taken two days after the downpour …

Last week I gave a list of things to do when planting a rose during summer – here’s a short video which Diana and I did one evening this past week and we invite you to share your opinion of our theatrical skills.


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LOVE SONG Gorgeously frilled petals to lift your spirits and sing

CASANOVA Gutsy, flamboyant, and beautifully fragrant!

Perhaps there’s a rose gardening topic you would like us to take video of so please email: and we’ll happily oblige.

Have a great week in your garden and we look forward to seeing you soon at Clonbinane … Best wishes from us and our team here at Silkies Rose Farm / Rosesalesonline … Gra, Diana & Mooi.