Published by Rose Sales Online on 25th Mar 2021


Hello Dear Rose Friends! We ask “where does the time go?” as you’re surely asking the same question entering this third month of 2021 already!

Another question:“Where did summer go?” Here in Victoria, we might be surprised by a warmer than normal autumn or winter as pay-back for a summer which delivered very few hot days and our roses were spectacular after constant deep-soaking from drenching rains in the lead-up to summer.


Despite enjoying roses for more than 35 years, it was delightful when Diana came and asked me to come and see these beauties flowering in our gardens this past week …

The Poet's Wife: This is a beautiful yellow David Austin rose which produces masses of large cupped blooms of a lovely rich yellow, which pale as they age and are produced in small clusters. The fully double blooms contain a wonderfully rich fruity fragrance with hints of lemon. SHOP NOW!

Olivia Rose Austin: Regarded by David Austin himself as “a rather special rose. It is possibly the best rose that we have introduced to date.” Medium to large fully cupped roses of an even mid pink which have a good fruity fragrance & sit on a very healthy, well-balanced bush. SHOP NOW!

Teasing Georgia: A serious wow factor when in full bloom. This rose is definitely not 'shy' with flowering but doesn't have an overwhelming fragrance. Very healthy & always a delight because of the variable colour of the cream/yellow/apricot blooms which are lovely in a vase. SHOP NOW!

We gasped together at their absolute beauty so we’re now pleased to offer them as a collection for ordering this week to add to your garden this coming bare-rooted season.

They are three of the most truly beautiful David Austin Roses you could wish to grow.

A little giggle for you this week:
Q. I have three eyes, a green tongue and I’m covered with hair. 
A. Very ugly!

Grasshoppers …

“Hi there, I have 2 questions."

  1. "The grasshoppers are decimating my roses. I know lots of people in our area are having the same problem. What can I do?"
  2. "My 'Teasing Georgia' David Austin bush will not produce any flowers. The bush sprawled very wide & high, so I pruned it right back. It is still only producing canes & leaves."

PS: I grow all of my roses are in large individual pots.  Kerry”

To which I responded: 

  1. "Grasshoppers can be considered ‘great pruners’ … you wait and see the roses later on this autumn … you’ll be amazed again in spring and there’s no need for winter pruning I don’t think."
  2. "You’ve purchased a large, sprawling DA rose with Teasing Georgia and as long as you keep cutting it back, it will never flower – it can only flower on the branches it establishes so best place it and the pot against a wall and let it sprawl to content and flowering … cheers - Gra"

For a laugh:  A four-year-old visitor wandered into a lady’s bathroom while she was cleaning her dentures.  The little girl watched, fascinated as the woman removed and brushed the uppers and then the lower dentures. It was obvious the little lass hadn’t seen false teeth before and when the procedure was over, she asked: “Do your ears come off too?"

Have a lovely week in your autumn garden ... love to you all from Graham, Diana & Mooi