ROSE RAMBLER 22.08.2019

ROSE RAMBLER 22.08.2019

Published by Diana Sargeant on 4th Sep 2019

ROSE RAMBLER 22ND AUGUST, 2019 – Hello dear rose friends as we note ‘spring is in the air’ with different bird calls in the morning, we’re getting up earlier as the daylight is longer and yes, our roses are budding beautifully. 

Unlike roses we posted to Darwin early this winter – here’s one of our favourite roses, THE CHILDREN’S ROSE in full flower already …

Rose gardening in the tropics definitely has challenges but by golly, there are also fabulous rewards with such extended flowering seasons! Ria sent this beautiful picture this week when she purchased the Organic Rose Management products to assist with her tropical rose gardening - see how healthy the foliage is? Beautiful! Thanks for sharing this Ria ...


I’ve been frequently asked about mulch recently so I’ve done some more research on lucerne (also known as ‘alfalfa’) which sends its roots down up to 10 metres deep into the soil then pulls nutrients up to where plant roots can share, use and store those nutrients. Lucerne really is the best quality mulch for your rose garden!

If you can, source bales which are only the second or third ‘cut’ … first-cut lucerne is usually very weedy which can be tedious when it starts growing around your roses!

Q. What do you get if you cross a duck with a rooster? A. A bird that wakes you up at the quack of dawn!

Add lucerne to your compost heap where it will do its magic too, especially if it is kept moist so that it can break-down more rapidly. All those wonderful nutrients will be added to your compost/humus which, when completely decomposed, can be spread around the base of each rose and covered with a light layer of any other mulch material ... very important that the microbes are not exposed to hot sun!
Worms are still breeding now so be sure to have a layer of mulch over all garden beds because they’re the army of workers ensuring your soil stays well aerated whilst their castings are adding vital nutrients as well.

Q. What happens when cricketers get old? A. They go batty!


Yes, with spring around the corner we want to offer these three magnificent two-year old BARE-ROOTED rose plants as BUY ONE, GET ONE FREE –

JUDE THE OBSCURE – produces the most charming, deeply cupped/rounded blooms opening to reveal the most glorious rich myrrh fragrance on branching canes to around 1.5 metres. One of the most popular David Austin Roses for many years

FORGET ME NOT – blooms are a swirling mass of very highly fragrant blooms which last well on the bush and in a vase. A sturdy bush with dark green, very healthy foliage compliments this beautiful rose

OLIVIA ROSE AUSTIN - Regarded by David Austin himself as “a rather special rose; in fact, it is possibly the best rose that we have introduced to date.”

Named for David Austin’s granddaughter, it commences flowering very early in the season and continues well into autumn. Medium to large fully cupped roses of an even mid pink which have a good fruity fragrance and sit on a very healthy, well balanced bush. This gorgeous rose would make an ideal hedgerow!

So there you have it, go ahead and purchase one or all of the above very highly recommended roses at and we’ll post you FOR NO EXTRA POSTAGE CHARGE, one FREE rose for each one you purchase.*

All the roses in this offer are first-grade, high quality,
two-year old plants!


Enjoy these last ten days of winter …
cheers from the team here at Clonbinane ... Graham & Diana and Mooi of course!