ROSE RAMBLER 20.06.2019

ROSE RAMBLER 20.06.2019

Published by Diana Sargeant on 20th Jun 2019

ROSE RAMBLER 20TH JUNE, 2019 … Hello dear rose friends. We’ve worked in the rain to finally make it possible to invite you to Silkies Rose Farm, Clonbinane where you can easily select magnificent quality, alphabetically sorted, two-year-old bare-rooted roses for planting in your garden this winter.


I’m always being asked “What is the best manure to use when planting roses?” and my response is:
Any animal manure is great in the soil but it MUST BE COMPOSTED prior to using at the planting hole of roses – or, in fact, any other plant! Raw animal manure has the potential of being highly acidic with the risk of burning new roots which the roses will produce as soon as they settle into the soil! Exactly the reason for not placing fertilizer in the planting hole unless it’s way deep down in the hole, covered completely with soil and available when the rose is nicely established with a solid root system.
If you have access to fresh manure, spread it over a compost heap for at least six weeks, water weekly with seaweed solution and turn it fortnightly – you’ll see steam coming from the heap which means it’s not ready to be applied in planting holes! Wait until it is more like the consistency of soil – at this point, place it around the base of your roses and cover with a light layer of mulch to protect all the microbes and worms.

Q. Why does a chicken coop have two doors? A. If it had four doors, it would be a chicken sedan.

Here’s a pic of my gorgeous LANGSHAN roosters admiring themselves in a mirror …


Graham will be part of the panel this Sunday – 855 on the AM Band where you can call in, donate and be rewarded with garden products, books, professional garden consultations or gift vouchers from many nurseries to the value of every dollar you donate to this magnificent Community Radio program which regular radio listeners say is the most informed, interesting and BEST garden talk-back radio which airs in Melbourne every Sunday from 7.30 – 9.15am.

Lay in bed with your cuppa and toast, pick up the phone: (03) 9419 8377 or (03) 9419 0155 and treat yourself by purchasing lots of goodies to indulge your garden, gifts for friends or simply to know you’re donating $’s to keep a wonderful garden show on the air so you can pick up the phone on any Sunday and get FREE ADVICE from a panel of professional horticulturists.

There are 5 x $30.00 SILKIES ROSE FARM GIFT VOUCHERS available during the program!

Stay warm and well … cheers from us all at Clonbinane – Graham, Diana, Mooi & the TEAM!