ROSE RAMBLER 15.08.2019

ROSE RAMBLER 15.08.2019

Published by Diana Sargeant on 4th Sep 2019

ROSE RAMBLER 15TH AUGUST, 2019 … Hello dear rose friends as we hope you’ve experienced good, soaking rain on your gardens as we have here at Clonbinane this past week – we’re still trying to get out and prune the rose gardens??? It’ll happen soon …


With all this soaking rain it will be imperative that we use pads of straw to walk around the roses when pruning them! This is so very, very important as soil compaction leads to all sorts of different issues

  • Soil becomes hydrophobic (cannot absorb moisture)
  • Plant roots won’t develop robustly
  • Increased risk of erosion
  • Plants become susceptible to insect attack, especially scale

This can all be easily avoided with careful and considerate management whilst working in and around your rose garden when the soil is wet!

Q. What did one lab rat say to the other? A. “I’ve got my scientist so well trained that every time I push that buzzer, he brings me a snack!”

Most of the roses are now settled in 20cm pots containing our fabulous coir fibre potting medium and they’re growing at a great rate however, most can still be sent bare-rooted. Due to issues with Australia Post regulation height of 105cms we are not able to post standard roses so have marked them as PICK-UP-ONLY – you would be wise to give us a phone call 03 5787 1123 or email to check what varieties are available as there are very few standard roses left this season.

I was seduced by these beauties when the David Austin roses were being handled this past week …


IMMENSELY BEAUTIFUL DAVID AUSTIN CLIMBING ROSES: Abraham Darby (Left), Falstaff (Middle) and Claire Austin (Right)

These roses will impress you with their glorious fragrance, continual flowering and charming growth habit of spilling their stunningly pretty, full-petalled blooms over a fence, a structure or simply as a large bushy shrub.

To display these blooms inside your home, I recommend using an open bowl to float the flowers – a sight to delight!

One last joke this week … Q. What is small, round and giggles a lot? A. A tickled onion.

Enjoy being out in your garden this week … Graham, Diana and the dedicated team at Silkies Rose Farm, Clonbinane.