ROSE RAMBLER 08.08.2019

ROSE RAMBLER 08.08.2019

Published by Rose Sales Online on 2nd Sep 2019

ROSE RAMBLER 08.08.2019 …

ROSE RAMBLER 8TH AUGUST, 2019 … Hello dear rose friends as we race very quickly towards spring when our rose gardens change into the beautiful place we love and enjoy after a cool, wet winter … we haven’t completed pruning our gardens because we’ve been so busy labelling, packing, potting and starting our organic rose management program to set our roses in good stead for the coming flowering season.


Everything and anything you do for your roses NOW will make a significant difference to how they perform this coming season! 

Q. Why were there only 24 letters in the alphabet? A. Because U and I weren’t there! 

So, to make that significant difference to your roses during the next flowering season, here are a few things you should do if you haven’t already done them:

  1. Pruned at least 2/3rds of last season’s growth from all bush roses
  2. Trimmed and tied-back all climbing roses – YOU’RE THE BOSS!
  3. After pruning, apply the first organic spray management program
  4. Apply a light dressing of organic fertilizer and compost
  5. Ensure there is a cover of mulch – the worms are still breeding and need this!
  6. Check ties on standards and climbers

I cannot stress more how important it is to regularly apply seaweed solution around your garden on the roses or the veggies, trees, perennials – everything! If you do this religiously at least once a month, all the beneficial soil microbes and your garden environment will retain robust health and vigour – there will be less disease and pest problems because you’re giving all your plants an opportunity to be strong, vibrant and resistant to environmental issues. JUST DO IT! 

Get your kids or grandchildren to help you – they’ll feel so special when you explain to them why they’re pouring seaweed solution around your garden!


Seems we’ve been chatting about lots of ‘old’ … Monica asked us how she should deal with these 10 year old GOLD BUNNY standard roses so after consultation and email chatting, we decided she should bite-the-bullet and prune them to leave just 10cms of growth – yes, cut right down into that old growth.


Then, give them the most amazing TLC of fertilizing with organic fertilizer pellets (lightly) once a month, regular seaweed solution applications in between and even add liquid fertilizer to the seaweed solution every so often … in other words, pamper the roses like you’ve not done before and let’s see how they respond.

Regular and deep soaking of the garden beds is imperative whilst intensively feeding!
If, after all this pruning and subsequent pampering, these roses don’t look stunning this coming summer, it’s time to do a total garden renovation in this front yard! Remove the roses next autumn, dig and dung the beds ready for new planting next winter.

Enough is enough and there comes a time when you must renew!
I promised three beautiful APRICOT roses this week so here are our most popular which you’re also sure to enjoy:


Remember that it’s never too late to order bare-rooted roses for this winter at and don’t worry about the wording ‘pre-order only’ … just keep on ordering roses and we’ll keep posting them wrapped in damp newspaper with a scoop of our beautiful coir-fibre potting mix to ensure they transit well.

Our roses will be posted right through August and where appropriate, into September … as they establish in this lovely potting medium, we’ll be posting them in their 20cm pots for the rest of the flowering season … no, it’s never too late to order and plant beautiful roses in your garden!

If you’re not sure about on-line ordering, feel free to call Diana on 03 5787 1123 any FRIDAY, SATURDAY, SUNDAY and MONDAY from 9am – 4pm when the SILKIES ROSE FARM at CLONBINANE is open to the public.

Despite winter cold and bleak weather, it’s nice to come for a drive to Clonbinane. In closing this week, here’s another joke which I couldn’t resist adding …

Q. What do you do if you want to double your money? A. Fold it in half and have a giggle!

See you soon … cheers from the team here …