ROSE RAMBLER 25.07.2019

ROSE RAMBLER 25.07.2019

Published by Rose Sales Online on 2nd Sep 2019

THE ROSE RAMBLER 25th JULY, 2019 – Hello dear rose friends as we near the end of another month – unbelievable almost that August is around the corner!


What a delight it was to be at WANDONG MEMORIAL PARK last Sunday with a group of locals and visitors for rose pruning – we had a beaut time and the pruning was really easy because the roses had started shooting and once I showed everybody at what length we wanted the bushes pruned, they went for it …
Image used with permission
Pruning really is a ‘bums up’ experience and a serious exercise workout so I hope you’re either looking forward to pruning your roses or you’re now enjoying watching them push forth with new growth.
In order to keep your roses protected from pest and disease issues later in the season, now is the time to START your ORGANIC ROSE MANAGEMENT PROGRAM:

To 10 litres of water add:
  • ¼ cup ECO OIL
  • ¼ cup ECO-ROSE (FUNGICIDE) – same product, different label!
  • 1 tsp ECO-SEAWEED POWDER (or seaweed product of your choice!)
Mix all the above into one container and either pour over or spray the entire plant and surrounding soil/mulch to inhibit fungus spores.
Continue to use weekly/fortnightly applications of seaweed solution over newly planted roses – your established roses will love it too.


Give your plants the pleasure of a seaweed solution shower just when you have time or feel inclined and get the kids to help with this lovely experience of assisting your roses through all weather conditions and challenges!

Q. What did one hair say to the other? A. It takes two to tangle …

Here are a few of the yellow David Austin roses which I think would make a stunning statement in your garden if planted in a group of three …


New for us this season and a lovely addition to the DA range because this beauty is nice and short so ideal for a border and because of the dense petal formation, ideal also as a cut flower … truly lovely!


we grow this as a hedge of continual bloom – during all seasons, this beautiful rose changes colour so is always interesting and is super, super healthy!


Plant this gorgeous rose at the back of the border or perhaps on a trellis where it will flounce along and produce the most large, seductively fragrant blooms continually throughout the season … gift this glorious rose at any 50th event!
If you’re not sure about pruning your roses or have questions like this one …

“Hello … I have a question I hope you can answer before I start pruning back my roses. As I clear the centre of my roses to maintain good air flow etc I now have a large gap between two major stems. Can I cut between them and create a second plant to relocate in my rose garden? Liz”

MY RESPONSE: You could definitely do that if you KNOW the plant is CUTTING GROWN – ie growing on its own roots … however, if the plant is budded to an understock I don’t think you would transplant the cut off bit – also, I’m guessing the understock on the remaining bit would become active and start growing understock … that, YOU DEFINITELY DON’T WANT HAPPENING!
Hope this is helpful … enjoy your pruning! Cheers - Graham

Feel free to send an email to: and we’ll respond within 24 hours. You can also come to Silkies Rose Farm, Clonbinane and any one of us will gladly show you how to prune your roses… we’re getting on with pruning the gardens here now.
Cheers from the team – Gra, Diana, Ben, Tova, Janelle and no show without punch, Mooi!