Altissimo - Climbing Rose

Altissimo - Climbing Rose

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Altissimo is a vigorous climbing rose with stiff stems capable of branching readily if used to espalier on a wall or fence where it would flower more like a floribunda/cluster-flowered rose and to which it is particularly suited for masses of flowers – grown in this way, Altissimo will cover a wall 3mts x 3mts and be an absolute sight to behold throughout the entire flowering season.

The large, open flowers with 7-8 petals, display yellow stamens which attract the bees for pollination. Altissimo is lightly fragrant and will repeat flower well throughout the Spring, Summer and Autumn if trimmed constantly as the blooms finish.

Altissimo is a very easy-care rose with dark leathery, exceptionally healthy foliage and in Italian, Altissimo means ‘in the highest’ so is very appropriately named because it is a very worthy climbing rose to place at the top of your list of ‘must have’ roses since it has so many wonderful qualities and is well suited to a variety of situations in the rose garden. Altissimo happily lets you be the boss and make it do whatever it is you want and whichever site you would like it to cover, this intensely bright coloured, free-flowering climbing rose will never disappoint!

  • Stunning large bright red single rose with yellow stamens
  • Climber to suit many different aspects in rose garden
  • Exceedingly healthy
  • Very free flowering


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Climbing Rose