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Special Rose Bundle - All 4 Rose Varieties for the Price of 3!

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  • St. Patrick Hybrid Tea Rose
  • Remember Me Hybrid Tea Bush Rose
  • Nahema Climbing Rose
  • FREE The Children's Rose Hybrid Tea Rose with this bundle purchase!
$29.50 (Fixed shipping cost)
Potted: Potted roses supplied in 20cm (8”) pots throughout the year.
Bare-rooted: Available to order from Autumn, posted from June – September only.
Gift rose: Gift wrapped, personalised card and packaged in custom designed box (No flowers in winter) - INCLUDES POSTAGE
  (NB: Above images are a guide only.)

Product Description


ST. PATRICK – Hybrid Tea rose with unusual green buds which, depending on the weather, turn golden yellow in the Summer or retain a chartreuse green in cold weather.

This stunning rose is a must-have if you like to exhibit at rose shows.

Unfortunately, St. Patrick is not suitable to grow in our region because it flourishes where it gets really, really hot or where it is planted against a hot north/western wall to protect it from any cold at all. (The summer of 2013 would have been an exception in Victoria but who could have predicted that?).

The fully double blooms of St. Patrick are one of the longest-lasting cut flower garden roses I have ever experienced. It has high pointed centres and the outer green petals are very appealing and different. The foliage is matte mid-green and plentiful and when grown in the warmer climates, it is abundantly free-flowering and a joy to all who can grow it.

Unusual green buds
Long lasting cut flower
Suitable for exhibiting at Rose Shows
Plant only in hot climates 

REMEMBER ME – Hybrid Tea rose with a delightful confection of colours including burnt orange, amber and beige with burnt red edges.

“REMEMBER ME in your heart, your thoughts and your memories is written on the rose tag and this rose is indeed purchased very frequently as a memorial plant. I am always so pleased that it is such a robust and sturdy rose so that even the most amateur gardener would be unlikely to be unsuccessful growing this rose.

This rose has very unique foliage which is light green with a rather dark brown border and looks very pretty against the copper/brown colours of each different flower.

Remember Me is extremely healthy and robustly produces pale-green watershoots from the base which ensure the rose flowers continuously. In extremely hot weather, the flowers may be slightly smaller and the colour will be more intense.

Ideal remembrance rose because it is guaranteed to grow well
Extremely unique colours of copper/brown/orange
Lightly fragrant
Tall growing and very floriferous. 

NAHEMA – A Delbard climbing rose of such incredible beauty and versatility with a fragrance that surpasses all expectations of how strong a rose fragrance can be.

NAHEMA produces literally masses of highly fragrant and deeply cupped pale, China pink blooms in profusion throughout the season. The flowers are sensational to use in flower arrangements because of their durability in the vase and as the petals drop, the perfume remains scattered around the base of the vase – a sight to behold!

The foliage of NAHEMA is most unusual in that the leaves have a tendency to recurve which in any other rose might be a sign that the plant is too dry. This quirky difference makes Nahema readily identifiable and despite this habit, the foliage is very strong and disease resistant.

Nahema can be espaliered to a wall or used as a pillar rose bound to a verandah post where it will enjoyed because it has very few thorns!

NAHEMA is awarded 'THE MOST POPULAR ROSE' SOLD IN 2017-18 and is definitely one of the "most photographed" roses!

  • Awesome fragrant climbing rose
  • Pale pink, cupped blooms with last in a vase
  • Distinct and disease resistant leaves
  • Almost thornless so can be used on verandah posts 

THE CHILDREN’S ROSE – Hybrid Tea Rose of the most delicate China pink and the most robust growth. 

Raised by Meilland, France this highly fragrant rose has every single quality that one might expect from a rose which carries this lovely name!

The Children’s Rose produces highly fragrant blooms of soft powder pink which slowly unfurl to reveal a mass of swirling petals in fully double blooms. The flowering stems are mostly single, sometimes in clusters and are very long lasting in the vase. There are very few thorns on the flower stems which means that the children themselves can pick the flowers!

The bush is so robust and very disease resistant foliage makes this a very dense shrub which will grow easily to 1.5 metres tall and 1 metre wide. Once it starts to bloom in the mid-Spring, the flowering is constant throughout the season and right up to Winter pruning.

We highly recommend The Children’s Rose – a superb rose that combines beauty and form with the loveliest of true rose perfumes.

  • Very highly recommended rose
  • Exquisite true rose fragrance
  • Powder pink classic blooms ideal for the vase
  • Tall growing, very free flowering, healthy shrub


Other Details

Children's Rose Colour:
Children's Rose Kind:
Hybrid Tea Rose
Children's Rose Fragrance:
Nahema Rose Colour:
Nahema Rose Kind:
Climbing Rose
Nahema Rose Frangrance:
Remember Me Rose Colour:
Remember Me Rose Kind:
Hybrid Tea Rose
St. Patrick Rose Colour:
St. Patrick Rose Kind:
Hybrid Tea Rose

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