Perfume Perfection - Modern Shrub

Perfume Perfection - Modern Shrub

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PERFUME PERFECTION is indeed highly fragrant and extremely perfect in every way!  Very appropriately named and definitely worthy of a space in your rose garden.

Perfectly formed blooms of warm, deep mauve are produced in massive trusses so that one stem adequately fills a vase where the blooms last well for many days.

There is a delightful sweet fragrance with notes of citrus and myrrh.

This beautiful rose which we are pleased to re-introduce this year, is one of the parents of the extremely popular rose which Graham Sargeant bred - the multi-award winning GRA'S BLUE so you should also plant PERFUME PERFECTION in your garden to see what you perhaps might be able to produce as a new rose from your seed collection ... have a go!

Potted roses supplied in 20cm (8”) pots throughout the year.

Available to order from Autumn, posted from June – September only

Gift wrapped, personalised card and packaged in custom designed box (No flowers in winter) - INCLUDES POSTAGE

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