Brilliant Pink Iceberg - 90cm Standard Rose (bare rooted)

Brilliant Pink Iceberg - 90cm Standard Rose (bare rooted)

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BRILLIANT PINK ICEBERG – Floribunda Rose of striking bright dark pink petals with white reverse.

Discovered by Lilia Weatherly in Tasmania, 1999 and sport of Pink Iceberg which was later defined as “Blushing Pink Iceberg”.

Brilliant Pink Iceberg has the brightest glowing dark pink centre petals with brush strokes of white on the outside and pure white reverse with all the qualities of the original ‘Iceberg’.

The bush grows to 1.2 metres with light green almost thornless branches and clean light green glossy foliage which is very disease-resistant and is perfect to grow as a STANDARD ROSE.

A very low maintenance rose and commands attention when planted in a clump or as a rose garden border.

  • Sport of Blushing Pink Iceberg
  • Brightest, glowing bright pink with white reverse
  • Near thornless very bushy growth
  • Low maintenance rose


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90cm Standard Rose