ROSE RAMBLER 29.08.2019

ROSE RAMBLER 29.08.2019

Published by Diana Sargeant on 4th Sep 2019

ROSE RAMBLER 29TH AUGUST, 2019 … Hello dear rose friends as we say farewell to winter and welcome our most delightful season – spring! In many locations around Australia your roses are already in bloom or will start flowering very soon. Here at Clonbinane, we’ll be waiting for another 4-6 weeks of sunshine and warmth to promote flowering!

We’ve had many night frosts waking up to our gardens adorned in white – the sun shines through and our days have been spectacular – the joy of experiencing turning seasons!


Plants can make a real difference! Recent reports show there is a significant decline in insect and animal species throughout the world – just this week I read a report requesting gardeners to be alert to fungus species which are threatened!

It is seriously important to retain a sustainable balance of all the critters on planet Earth!
The simple act of planting our gardens can make a significant impact on our environment – veggie seedlings planted this spring will harvest seriously tasty, nutritious and healthy food for you for months.

Plant some native plants throughout your rose garden – do a little bit of research to know which natives are indigenous and appropriate in your area and you’ll create an environmentally sustainable place for insects, birds and Mother Nature to be right at home in your garden!

Q. What kind of room has no walls? A. A mushroom.

Throughout winter, the roots of all plants were growing and developing despite them being ‘dormant’. Using seaweed solution throughout that time was perfect as a tonic. Now, with spring growth bursting forth, it’s time to use top-quality fertilizer around all plants in your garden.

We use and recommend Complete Organic Fertilizer (COF) which is available here at Silkies Rose Farm, CLONBINANE.

Since it’s not economically possible to post this well-balanced fertilizer to you, I recommend you visit your local garden centre, ask their recommendation and fertilize your plants with the best quality plant food available from your local supplier … DO IT NOW!

Keep in mind that ALL organic products used on your plants will build substance and stronger tissues which make those plants more resistant to fungus, pests and disease so your garden will be a haven for you, your family, visitors and of course, all of nature!

Q. When is your mind like an untidy bed? A. When it isn’t made up yet!

Here are three roses which I love and highly recommend for purchasing as a GIFT ROSE



SOUL MATE(Top Left), LOVING MEMORY(Top Right), THE CHILDREN'S ROSE(Bottom Left & Right)

Of course, every rose in our selection can be purchased as a GIFT ROSE but some are so appropriately named and suit an occasion, just like the three roses I’ve highlighted this week.

If you need assistance with selecting the most suitable rose for an event, please email and we’ll happily guide you to purchasing the most beautiful and appropriately named rose for any occasion.
Be happy with all the wattles in bloom, the sun shining, the early morning light and simply because you’re reading this …

Graham, Diana and the team at Silkies Rose Farm - Clonbinane